Law Innovations (Philippines)

Updates in Philippine law, upgrades for the Filipino lawyer

About Law Innovations

Established in 2009, Law Innovations is dedicated to the promotion of the rules of law in Philippine society, the cultivation of a highly professional and ethical legal practice, and the advancement of innovative and practical legal techniques and knowledge within the Philippine legal community. It is also a duly-accredited MCLE provider.

Law Innovations was established by members of the Philippine bar, who belonged to the same section at the University of the Philippines College of Law (Section C, Class of 2001). It is a non-partisan organization. We will be posting regular updates on our planned projects and activities.


3 Responses to “About Law Innovations”

  1. Maria Rowena F. Mojica-Rodriguez said

    Hi Oli!

    Great work!

    Maybe we can organize a digest pool reminiscent of our 2001CDB days? šŸ˜‰ Just a thought.

    • olireyes said

      Thanks Moj! Digest pool – kool lang kung may papatol na iba; ang hirap na singilin sa digest noong estudyante pa, baka lalo na ngayon. Haha!

  2. Keep up the good work, Atty. Oli!

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