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Handouts: Election Day Guide (Gabay Para Sa Mga Botante)/ Comelec Resolution No. 8839

Posted by lawinnovations on May 8, 2010

We’ve prepared a one-page guide to voting (English and Filipino versions) which the Filipino voters can bring with them to the polling places as they cast their ballots on election day. Given that the experience of automated elections is novel, there likely will be some confusion at the precinct places, and rampant opportunity to exploit if not frustrate the sacred right to suffrage. This guide, which is based on Comelec Resolution No. 8786 issued last 6 March 2010, will hopefully arm and protect the voter, providing an immediate reference for them should any questions or challenges arise on election day. The guides are in PDF format, please feel free to mass produce them if you wish and give out to friends, family and neighbors.

Law Innovations is a strictly non-partisan organization, and this project was developed solely at our own initiative, without the assistance of any political organization (or anybody else actually). We do however urge our voters to vote deliberately and wisely.

Gabay Para sa Botante, Halalan 2010 (PDF)

Voters Election Day Guide (PDF)


Last April 30, the COMELEC released Resolution No. 8839, which details the Contingency Procedures to be observed should there be problems in the operation of the Automated Election System. The Resolution is available at the COMELEC website, but should there be problems accessing the same, it is available for download here.

COMELEC Resolution No. 8839


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The Final Countdown: Your Up-To-Date Guide to the 2010 Automated Elections

Posted by Mary Rose Tan on April 6, 2010

The Commission on Elections promulgated several important Resolutions to regulate the conduct of the 2010 Automated Elections. Among them is Comelec Resolution No. 8804, dated March 22, 2010 entitled “Comelec Rules of Procedure on Disputes in an Automated Election System in connection with the May 10, 2010 Elections.” There are other resolutions which were recently passed governing the other aspects of the entire electoral process.

In this connection, Law Innovations will be conducting a one-day seminar on April 23, 2010 on important and latest updates on the 2010 Automated Elections. It will be held at Kamayan, EDSA, Greenhills, Mandaluyong from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

The topics to be discussed include:
§Casting, counting, transmission and canvassing of votes
§Procedures for Board of Election Inspectors and Board of Canvassers
§Procedures on Disputes in an automated election system system
§Post-election fraud, prevention and remedies.

Participants will also be given an Election Kit which will include the following:
§General Instructions for the Board of Election Inspectors and Board of Canvassers;
§Guide for Poll Watchers;
§Q & A on Election Topics;
§Rules of Procedure on Election Disputes

Be better prepared for the 2010 automated elections. If you are an election lawyer, a member of a political party or a candidate, this may be your last and best opportunity to update your knowledge and increase your confidence for the coming first nationwide automated elections.

Seminar Fee: P5,000, includes Kamayan buffet lunch and snack. Free valet parking.

There are limited slots available so hurry and secure your reservation. Payment is required upon registration.

If you would like to attend, please send us an email at with the following details:

(1) Name
(2) Address
(3) Contact numbers (Landline, mobile and fax number)
(4) Email address
(5) For group reservation, names of all the participants.

Please deposit your payment to:
CDB Law Innovations, Inc.
Banco de Oro C/A No. 004728006420
Tierra Nueva Alabang Branch

Fax or email a scanned copy of the deposit slip to:
Fax No.: (632) 8092261, or
Email address:

For further information, send us an email or call:
Tel No.: (+632) 568-5445

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